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gay men or drag queenos the street. i disagree with that comparison and i think most people do. public nudity is currently legal in san francisco except for the parks and ports and restaurants and the suggestion that we should use the lewd behavior laws and the indecent exposure laws is problematic and ineffectual. it's unclear that cock rings and other behaviors that we see would qualify as lewd. i think it's border line as best and it's a terrible position for police officers to enforce the following. is his penis slightly erect or not at all? i don't think any police officer is ever going to make that determination and i don't think we want them to. is that adornment lewd or not? did he shake his genitals to make it lewd or was it accidental? no
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police officer is going to make that determination. in addition if we start encouraging to treat border line lewd behavior as indecent exposure that is a automatic misdemeanor conviction if convicted and lifetime sex registry. i don't think we should do that. this legislation would not lead to sex offender registration and unlike the parks code it can be charged as an infraction indefinitely. now the police and the da will have an option to charge that. mr. chairman, as i stated at the beginning i gave this issue time to work itself out. it didn't and the time has come to act. this is a narrow and reasonable piece of legislation and i ask for your support.
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>> now, i do see that sfpd is here. i don't know if they were planning to present as amendments to the police code and the captain from mission statement and before that i have a stack of public comments cards here. if you are intending to speak during public comment and haven't filled out -- this is blue, but there are yellow cards out there please fill out a card. captain. >> good morning. i am captain moazer and the captain of mission police station. mission police station enl enpasm asses the castro district and public nudity is a daily occurrence and has been for some time. i can tell you with the daily occurrence of public nudity come the daily complaints. we receive those complaints in a variety of formats, calls for
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dispatch, call in person and primarily what we get with the beat and patrol offs in the area and why can't you do anything. we have to explain to them that california state law is really narrow and doesn't a law us to take objection solely on public nudity, so certainly it puts the police department in a position where we're unable to take action regarding those complaints, and it certainly puts those officers in a position where they have to field complaints they're not able to act upon, and so from the police officer's perspective we support the legislation. >> thank you captain. colleagues any questions? great. >> so with that mr. chairman if there are no comments my colleagues and may we open it
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up to public comment? so i'm going to call off names and public comment will be two minutes. please speak directly into the microphone so that people in the chamber and people at home can hear you. when you have third seconds left you will hear a soft bell as a warning and when the two minutes are up you will hear a louder bell and you should finish up the sentence you're speaking, so with that i will call off a number of names. (calling speaker names" and i apologize in advance if i mess up everyone's name. my name gets messed up all the time. (calling speaker names).
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and you don't have to go in the exact order it's just that group is called. >> and again before public comment starts after you have spoken we appreciate if you give up your seat in the room and follow the hearing in the board chambers so people outside can have their chance to speak. thank you. >> good morning supervisors. i am pat torah and here to represent the triangle neighborhood association. we have heard from a number of our members about this situation that has evolved. originally it seemed like it was a novel attraction in the neighborhood, and has now become a nuisance in the neighborhood. there are as supervisor wiener mentioned there are three schools in the neighborhood. sometimes those
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schools take the children to the muni station is right there. this has caused a lot of problems for the schools as well as i have witnessed myself the nude men walking in front and lingering around the library. this is unexcusable and the neighbors demand that something is being done, so the neighborhood association fully supports the legislation, and looks to see its enforcement. thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is daniel gonzalez. i am seven years old and we go to new nude hot springs and festivals and naked people don't bother me and they seem like nice people.
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>> hello i am iian gonzalez. i go to hot springs and events. naked people do not bother me at all. they're like a dressed person. there is no difference. there is only one difference. a dressed person is warmer. i believe nudity should be legal all around the world. >> hi. i am annie gonzalez. i go to clothing optional places like hot springs and festivals. naked people do not bother me, and if god wanted us to go everywhere wearing clothes he should have made it that we were born with clothes on. and i think that nudity should be legal all around the world. and if it's a hot day, it should be
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okay to take off your clothes >> before the next speaker if i could ask everyone to go by the rules. we don't applaud or cheers and i would appreciate that. >> yes i'm a san francisco resident and voter. i am george davis. let me tell you a little story from the pages of history. we all know the story when the nazis came to power and made homo sexuals and others put pink triangles on their clothes and in germany 4 million out of 85 million germans were members of nudist organizations and clubs. in 1933 after the nazis seized was a decree issued
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ordering all gas stopo forces to destroy the nude culture and they did. in san francisco we have a nudist movement. at best you could say we are regular people promoting body acceptance and we are a harmless group of eccentrics. a small mawpive group is controlling supervisor wiener. mr. wiener has made this bargain. if there has to be a nudity ordinance let the people of san francisco decide if they lose the freedoms in a open initiative process and whether they're for tolerance and body freedom or else kill
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this legislation now. this is san francisco. people all around the world consider us a beacon for acceptance and tolerance and center for free thought. this is america, land of the free. this kind of legislation can't happen here, can it? thank you. >> next speaker. >> hi i am she'lly tenny. i am a lifetime resident of the castro and i intend to raise my kids here and it's about the neighborhood and i agree with the supervisor and the captain the situation has gotten completely out of control. i want to walk down the street and buy a carton of milk without seeing someone's penis. thank you. >> next speaker. >> desmond perrado resident of castro. what marry an
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singleton moved she explained herself. "i can't handle this michael. i want to live somewhere and not apologize for serving instant coffee. what i like about cleveland is they're into everything and boring in other words and people live and move here for many reasons and forward thinking and our forward way of thinking and we fight for what is right and celebrate the victors and have a city standing with us. recent i notice a change and ban nudists to live the life they want. this is one more step to becoming cleveland and normalize our city. at what boft? think about the children. the castro is an adult neighborhood and we do outreach
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for hiv and std's and have porn bars and bars and in the neighborhood. why would -- all in the name of protecting our children rather than teaching them that the human body and sexuality is not to be ashamed of. this lets them determine what to enforce the law rather than the complaints and many don't file a report. my money however will not go to a business that are oppose the politicians and my vote won't go to politicians that do this. this is truly what is happening. sf businesses and politicians please don't parent me and i have two amazing parents and pretty big shoes you won't be able to fill. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> my name is russell mills and i live in the castro area for 30 years. the proposed nudity ban is unnecessary and reckless. it's unnecessary because it impacts the whole city in order to solve a minor problem at one corner in the castro. it's wreck else because the publicity can damage san francisco's tourist business. this city has three events that is famous for clothing optional. together these three events draw about one and a half million attendees each year. many are visitors from out of town and stay at san francisco hotels and restaurants and go sightseeing and buy things here. these events are very important to san francisco's businesses and it would be foolish to jeopardize them and that's exactly what this nudity ban will do. if it
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passes the news will have a field day with it and san francisco ban nudity. nudists don't longer welcome in san francisco. we know it makes money from these events but do you think the news media would accurately inform the readers about the exemptions or understand the nuisances of the law? perhaps 1% of the potential visitors decide to stay home because they believe these colorful events will be less colorful. that is a loss of thousands of visitors per year and the dollars they would have spent here. how will the supervisors respond when the owners of the restaurants and hotels accuse you of losing them millions of dollars to solve a problem in one corner of the castro. common sense says you
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should reject this and find a better solution. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. i am andrea and i am the executive director for the castro upper market community benefit district and we are responsible for maintaining the safety of -- the sidewalks and streets in the castro of the market area and in particular for the jane warner plaza we are charged with managing the plaza, keeping it clean. we have events there, that kind of thing, and as the people that are taking care of this are getting tons of complaints from people calling emailing stopping on the street and complaining about the niewd niewd and as a result the board
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of directors is supporting supervisor wiener's legislation, and i would like to say -- i think it's really important to understand that this street corner as people have said is really the heart of the castro business district, and a very, very transit rich area in the area of san francisco. people come and go. people take the bus and get off and transfer to another bus. they get off the muni, from the under ground. all people from walks of life, all experiences, all ethnicities, all ages walk through this very busy intersection. i personally have observed older asian -- one time it was horrible. two asian women. they must have been in the late 70's and walking down market street and appalled -- i felt they almost faintd and forced able to see people who
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are spread eagle because it's not someone sitting behind a table quietly reading the newspaper but spread eagle prancing around completely naked. men with their penises wagging around and people who have been sexually assaulted this have to see it without a warning. it's not a beach. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is daniel and a small business owner and resident of castro street and with the merchants of upper castro. thursday november 1 the membership voted in favor of this legislation. previously we surveyed 20 businesses, closest to the jane warner plaza. these are small independent businesses. many are gay owned. many employ gay
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people. 85% of those businesses told us that the naked guys are negatively affecting their business and costing them financially. their customers are telling them that they're not comfortable and shopping in the neighborhood. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello i am woody miller and i of a san francisco resident for 30 years and a resident of the castro for 25 years. and i have heard a lot here today about people complaining about the nudists and people have complained about many things. in history they complained about gay people on the streets and doesn't mean they should be banned and i want to say there is nothing wrong with the human body and i have heard about body parts and peen iseses and you
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have to look at the body in its totality and the idea that it's obscene or indecent is learned behavior which i makes it a form of big tree and we don't hurt anyone and we want the freedom to dress or not dress the way we chose when the weather is nice and i urge you to reject this ban. thank you. >> thank you. before the next speaker i will call a few more cards. (calling speakers). next speaker. >> good morning. my name is
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paul and a district eight resident. thank you for the opportunity to speak to you before today to reject the proposed nudity ordinance. as you know san francisco is a progressive city and leadlet dark on many issues and this is the reason why i live to live and work here. jane warner plaza outside the gay bar and patrons are not ashamed of who they are. the supervisor says -- poll of california residents conducted in 2009 by the education foundation and found 50% of san francisco residents either somewhat or strongly disagree they are offended by public nudity. i have a copy of that poll. i suggest that any complaints that the supervisor
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receives doesn't accurately reflect the views -- [inaudible] contact the elected officials not to offended about it. i hope that san francisco will not re-cap tich lait to the minor of complainers and lead the nation out of the dark on public nudity. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. it's great to be here. i just wanted to say i strongly support this legislation. my only concern i think it should go further. if i pull my pants down right now and show everyone it and i would be arrested although in another area it's okay by a small majority. i
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would point out some of the people that have spoken are from the nudist community and advertise for websites in public and this has nothing to do with i want to be natural. i just want to be naked. this has to do with i want to get my weird sexual pleasure of being naked. once again i am strongly in favor of this. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi. i am bruce smith and i would like to support this legislation. i would like to have the freedom to take my two nieces that visit from texas to a film in the castro and not come out of the theater and be exposed to naked men. i think we should have the right to introduce nudity to our children when we decide to chose, so i also think that the nudity in the castro -- i have been there for six years and helped to
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escalate the other problems in the area and many people that hang out i can hang out makeid, i could do anything and lead to problems in the plaza. it moves around different parts of the neighborhood and i feel strongly it should be band and it's only in the castro. many people say "why are we focused on this?" and if they were in other areas of the city but they're not. they're doing it in the castro. thank you. >> next speaker. >> i am jesan ford and i see the nudists often and rarely more than half a dozen and never visibly aroused. i am sanded that my representative, supervisor wiener, brought this legislation without open community meetings and consulting who is affected and
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the residents and the nudists themselves in an open forum. instead supervisor wiener you treat local business groups as they're a plenary and that doesn't seem right to me. san francisco and growth and respect for innovation and the only city founded by prospectors. we have been a welcome home for sexual minorities for 150 years. censoring the bodies of these people would run against the course of the history and have damage to the area. i ask to you vote against the proposal. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi supervisor wiener and elsbernd and carmen chu. i oppose this legislation. you can't have it both ways where you say you want nudity at the fairs and the parades and the
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festivals, but and you don't want nudity in the castro. i have supported you on a lot of things, but i feel that this is a war on gay men. the republicans have put a war on women throughout this election, and now you're putting a war on gay men in the castro, and i think this legislation is wrong, and supervisors should oppose it. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is david wallace and i am one of the people that urged supervisor wiener to take action at jane warner plaza. there is a time and place for everything and a central transit hub in a tourist district is not the place to break ground for public nudity. we should designate areas such as beaches and people are aware it's the norm and allow this to
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take place in those areas. thank you. >> thank you. before i get to the next speaker let me call a few more names. (calling speaker cards). >> and if i could say just before the next speaker if there are folks in the over flow room there are now seats available in this room if you would like to migrate in. next speaker please. >> good morning. my name is dennis spencer. i am here to support supervisor wiener's proposal to ban public nudity in districts and keeping for fairs and beaches and parades. i have been in business in the castro
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since 1982. i am a self employed hair dresser. over the last two years i seen a marked change with the introduction what is a nudist living room in the area. a small group of people have created an uncomfortable situation for the majority of the population and tourists. there is a marked decline and feel of the neighborhood. while i enjoy the spirit and creative of the castro this group is taking us back to what i saw in the 80's and buses of tourist took pictures like in a zoo. today they are trading money for pictures to take home and laugh at us, not with us. my clients say nothing to the street but all complain to me when they come in into the salon. some are hesitant to return and business has been affected. let's be clear. this is
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exhibition.ism. if it wasn't they wouldn't strolling around in the castro and the genitals and take you look. it's for everybody. that's all i have to say. >> thank you very much. next speaker. i should have said this at the beginning if there is anyone for physical reasons to go early we're able to accommodate anyone. my apologies for not mentioning that. go ahead. >> i am here to support your legislation. i have been around for 75 years and i of around nudist colonies and groups and just been wonderful. if nudists want to live their life the
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naturists have a wonderful event. i don't think my backyard is where i want to see you. this is not about expressing yourself. this is about misbehavior as far as i am concerned. i used to be a school teacher and a small percentage of the children took a great percentage of the time in terms of discipline. i think police officers would say the same thing, so i view this not expressing yourself but misbehaving and i totally support your legislation. thanks for introducing it. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is jim corn. i live in district eight and i have been living in san francisco for 38 years because i believe there is something special here. i believe i have access to certain freedoms that i might not have anywhere else,

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